November 9, 2020 Implementation of 83rd National Emergency Communication Drill

The Central Emergency Communication Conference (chaired by TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki, Director-General of the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)), together with the regional Emergency Communication Conference in each area, has decided to conduct the 83rd national emergency communication drill.

Outline of drill

  • As an activity of the Emergency Communication Conference, an emergency communication drill will be conducted for each prefecture to ensure smooth communication in emergencies (participated by 47 prefectures and 117 municipalities, and related organizations, including central government ministries and electric power companies).
  • The emergency communication drill will be implemented on the assumption that ordinary means of communication and information transmission are not available due to a large-scale disaster. It is training for ensuring communications from disaster-stricken areas to the central government (Cabinet Office) by utilizing private communication networks owned by other organizations).


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