November 20, 2020 Appeal for Opinions on Frequency Allocation for Spreading 5th-Generation Mobile Communications System

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) drafted a bulletin plan on the allocation of frequencies to popularize the fifth-generation mobile communications system (hereafter referred to as “5G”). Accordingly, MIC will make an appeal for opinions on the draft from Saturday, November 21 through Monday, December 21, 2020.

1. Background and purpose

MIC approved a bulletin plan of specific base stations for the introduction of 5G in April last year. In August this year, MIC established a system to introduce 5G in a frequency band used in the fourth-generation mobile communications system (4G) and has been promoting efforts toward the early introduction of 5G, including institutional development.
Furthermore, MIC surveyed from Wednesday, September 9 through Friday, September 25, 2020, on the need to use 5G targeting those who want to promote the spread of 5G. As a result, they showed a high need. Considering the above background, MIC has drafted the bulletin plan to allocate frequencies for the spread of 5G and decided to make this appeal for opinions.

2. Subjects and procedure of appeal for opinions

  • 1.
    Draft Ministerial Ordinance for Partial Revisions to the Regulations for Enforcement of the Radio Act
  • 2.
    Draft Notice on Establishment Guidelines for Specific Base Stations for the Spread of the 5G Mobile Communications System
  • 3.
    Draft Notice on Partial Revisions to MIC Notice No. 34 of 1991 (Matters that stipulate guidelines for opening specific base stations for the spread of the fourth-generation mobile communications system)
  • 4.
    Draft Notice on the Determination of the Validity Period of Approval to a Bulletin Plan Separately Announced by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
  • 5.
    Draft Guidelines for Opening Specific Base Stations for the Spread of the 5G Mobile Communications System
  • 6.
    Draft Policy of Standard Monetary Value Calculation based on the Economic Value of the 1.7 GHz Band (in Areas other than Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka)

3. Period of appeal for opinions

From Saturday, November 21 and no later than December 21, 2020 (Submission of opinions by mail must also arrive no later than the deadline date.)

4. Future plans

Considering the results of submitted opinions, MIC will consult the Radio Regulatory Council and promptly proceed with necessary institutional development procedures based on a report from the Radio Regulatory Council.

5. How to obtain references

The materials will be posted on the public comment page of the e-Gov ( Open a new window).


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