December 15, 2020 Technical Requirements for Ku-band Non-geostationary Satellite Communications Systems by Satellite Constellation Using 500 km Altitude Orbit

Partial report from Information and Communications Council

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has today received a partial report from the Department on Information and Communications Technology (chaired by NISHIO Shojiro, President of Osaka University) concerning technical requirements for Ku-band non-geostationary satellite communications systems by satellite constellation using a 500 km altitude orbit. These requirements are part of technical requirements for mobile satellite communications systems using non-geostationary satellites (Telecommunications Technology Council inquiry No. 82 of September 25, 1995).

1. Background

The practical application of small artificial satellites has become relatively easy. As a result, a satellite constellation is possible, which links and operates a large number of small satellites launched in medium and low orbits with minimum communication latency. Therefore, it has become possible to provide various services, such as high-speed, large-capacity communications services.
In response to this, a new communication service using the Ku-band non-geostationary satellite communication system with a satellite constellation using an orbit at an altitude of about 500 km is scheduled to start. To conduct a feasibility study to introduce this service in Japan, the Satellite Communications System Subcommittee (Chief Investigator: ANDO Makoto, Professor emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology) has been studying the technical conditions of the system since June 2017, from which MIC has received a partial report today.

2. Future plans

Considering the partial report, MIC will develop technical standards for Ku-band non-geostationary satellite communication systems with a satellite constellation that will use orbits at an altitude of 500 km.


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