February 14, 2020 Public Appeal for Proposals for FY2020 Project to Support Public Wireless LAN Environment Improvement

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to make an appeal for proposals for a project to support public wireless LAN environment improvement from today through Thursday, April 30, 2020
It should be noted that a subsidy will be granted to proposals selected and subject to the applicants’ official applications for the subsidy.
Furthermore, MIC updated a maintenance plan on the Wi-Fi environment contributing to disaster prevention (hereinafter referred to as “the maintenance plan”) with consideration of the latest survey results on local governments and has decided to open the maintenance plan to the public.

1. Project overview

1. Project description

As described in Article 3 (2) e of the Subsidy Grant Guidelines for Wireless System Spread Support Project Costs (hereinafter referred to as “the Wireless System Grant Guidelines”)

2. Implementing entity

  • Prefectures and municipalities (including municipal collaborative bodies) with a financial strength index (*1) of 0.8 or less

    Note: Municipalities do not include special wards. The same shall apply hereinafter.

  • Prefectures or municipalities in disadvantaged areas stipulated in [Supplementary Information] of the Wireless System Grant Guidelines
  • Third-sector corporations under the investment or contribution of local governments (*2)
  • *1

    One-third of the sum of the following figure for each of the previous three years: A standard financial income calculated according to Article 14 of the Local Allocation Tax Act (Act No. 211 of 1950) divided by the standard financial demand calculated according to Article 11 of the Act.
    For the financial strength index, refer to MIC’s List of Major Financial Indices of Local Governments published as an average of three years based on the financial results for FY2018.


  • *2
    Limited to cases where a third-sector corporation develops a prefectural or municipal area or financially disadvantaged area with a financial strength index of 0.8 or less.

2. How to submit a proposal

1. Submission deadline

No later than Thursday, April 30, 2020

2. Submission method

After preparing the materials in accordance with the Wireless System Grant Guidelines and the public appeal guidelines, bring or mail one original to the responsible general bureau, and submit and a set of electronic data to the competent Regional Bureau of Telecommunications.

3. Purpose of the development plan

Regarding the maintenance of the Wi-Fi environment that contributes to disaster prevention, MIC will secure necessary information transmission means in times of disaster by steadily implementing maintenance based on the maintenance plan indicating the number of maintenance points and maintenance time. In normal times, MIC will improve public convenience by collecting tourism-related information and utilizing it for education.

4. Maintenance plan overview

The maintenance plan will set approximately 30,000 maintenance targets (including those already completed) (*3) up to 2021, and their progress will be monitored and updated.
The development of approximately 26,000 locations has been completed, according to a survey on local governments (as of October 1, 2019).
MIC will continue improving the Wi-Fi environment for the remaining 4,000 locations according to the maintenance plan.

  • *3
    The number of locations, such as project development using government support, development using local financial measures, and voluntary development


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