February 14, 2020 Appeal for Opinions on Draft Partial Revision of Notice related to Designation of Designated Telecommunications Facilities based on Telecommunications Business Act

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has drafted a partial amendment to the notice on the designation of specific telecommunications facilities based on the Telecommunications Business Act (Law No. 86 of 1984).
In this connection, MIC has decided to make an appeal for opinions from Saturday, February 15 through Monday, March 16, 2020, for the draft.

1. Partial amendment overview

Under the Telecommunications Business Act, if a licensee or a licensed group company of a category I or II designated facility merges with another licensee of a specified telecommunications facility, a renewal of the telecommunications business registration is required under Article 2, from the perspective of promoting fair competition.
In this case, the notice will be partially revised to designate specified telecommunications facilities based on the installation status of facilities in fiscal 2018.

2. Procedure of appeal for opinions

1. Subject

Draft Notice for a partial revision to MIC Notification No. 104 of 2016 (designating telecommunications facilities under Article 12-2, paragraph 4, item 2b of the Telecommunications Business Act).

2. Period of submission

Saturday, February 15 through Monday, February 16, 2020

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    Opinions, if submitted by mail, will be accepted if postmarked the same day.

3. Future plans

With consideration of the opinions received, MIC will revise the notification.


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