July 6, 2020 Start of Telework Support Network Project

For addressing novel coronavirus infections and establish new lifestyles, it is essential to promote the nationwide early introduction of telework that contributes to ensuring business continuity, utilizing diverse human resources, and improving productivity. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will start a Telework Support Network project that will support the introduction of telework by SMEs and local governments in each region of Japan in cooperation with organizations that will support SMEs in the region.

1. Content of Telework Support Network

1. Role of Telework Support Network

To promote the introduction of telework to SMEs in each region of Japan, the Telework Support Network will introduce telework in each region by cooperating with organizations that support SMEs in the region, provide counseling, respond to inquiries about telework, and hold consultation meetings.

2. Implementation content

The Telework Support Network will provide the following support:

  • Holding consultation meetings and seminars for introducing telework
    Starting in July, the Telework Support Network will hold telework experts’ consultation meetings and seminars for the introduction of telework in each region of Japan. The dates and places will be posted on the website.
  • Consultations and inquiries regarding telework
    The Telework Support Network will provide consultations and respond to inquiries and troubles related to the introduction of telework, such as the ICT environment, security, and personnel management.
  • *
    For the above consultations and inquiries, please contact the Telework Support Network Secretariat for the time being.

2. Contact information

Support Network Secretariat
Phone: 03-5422-1517
Note: When you send an email, please change “_atmark_” to “@.”


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