July 8, 2020 Project Briefing Session for Business Operators on FY2020 Development Demonstrations for Realizing Local 5G to Solve Local Issues

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) will start general competitive bidding on a theme-by-theme basis in sequence for development demonstrations for realizing local 5G to solve local issues.
Accordingly, MIC has decided to hold project briefing sessions for business operators wishing to participate in the bid.

1. Background

To solve regional issues using local 5G and other ICT technologies, MIC will conduct a fiscal 2020 technical study on the propagation of local 5G radio waves in use cases that assume a variety of locations of local 5G base stations and usage environments. At the same time, MIC will conduct development demonstrations for realizing local 5G services to solve local issues that will build a regional problem-solving model utilizing local 5G technology.
Before the demonstrations, from the perspective of widely implementing the project based on people’s needs for solving regional problems utilizing local 5G and other ICT technologies, MIC made an appeal for a wide range of proposals for regional issues to be addressed in the demonstrations, along with technical issues to be examined and their examination methods. MIC will then scrutinize each demonstration theme, prepare procurement specifications while considering the budget, and make an announcement of bidding (general competitive bidding based on the comprehensive evaluation bidding method).
Each project briefing session is held to deepen the understanding of the purpose of the project for business operators wishing to bid for the project. However, it is possible to bid without participating in the briefing session.

2. Outline project briefing session

To prevent novel coronavirus infection, MIC will hold online project briefing sessions instead of face-to-face project briefings.

1. Briefing method

Web video delivery (A video of the purpose and implementation details of each theme will be recorded in advance and delivered after the announcement of the bid to those who wish to participate in the project. It is possible to watch the video any number of times during the bid announcement period.)

2. Video distribution period

After the bid announcement date until the bid deadline.

3. Content

Outline of development demonstrations for realizing local 5G to solve local issues for five to ten minutes
Individual contract project: Five minutes for each project
(The announcement of the bid has already been completed for three themes in the agricultural fields.)

  • *
    There is no time for a question and answer period because it is in a video distribution method. Contact the division in charge of each theme specified in the bid description.

4. Note

Since the timing of the bid announcement varies depending on the project, multiple briefing sessions will be held.

3. How to apply

To apply for participation, please enter your name, affiliation, etc. through the following website of Jiji Press Ltd., the contractor for the operation and management of the briefing sessions. After that, please access the URL described in the email delivered to the applicant and watch the video. After that, please access the URL described in the email delivered to you and watch the video.

  • *
    As of July 8, the bid has not been announced. Therefore, the video has not been distributed yet. The video will be delivered as soon as the bid is announced. Please check MIC’s procurement information for the status of the bid announcement.
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