July 14, 2020 Partial Report from Information and Communications Council on Technical Requirements for the 5G Mobile Communications System (Local 5G) Available to Various Entities according to Their Regional and Individual Needs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has today received a partial report from the Information and Communications Council (Chaired by Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota Motor Corporation). This report specifies some of the technical requirements for the fifth-generation mobile communications system available to various entities according to their regional and individual needs (local 5G). The report was issued in partial response to inquiry number 2038 about the technical requirements for the new-generation mobile communications system (October 12, 2016).


Local 5G is a system that can be flexibly used by various entities, such as local companies and local governments throughout Japan, according to the individual needs of each region and industry. Local 5G is expected to be a trump card that will realize problem solutions and the revitalization of various regions throughout Japan.
In June 2019, the Information and Communications Council summarized a set of technical conditions in advance for a frequency range of 28.2 to 28.3 GHz, and MIC made institutional development for the technical conditions in December of the same year.
The Council has been studying for the expansion and asynchronous operation of the frequency band used for local 5G, and MIC has today received the partial report on the necessary technical conditions.

2. Outline of the partial report

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3. Future plans

With consideration of the partial report, MIC will promptly make the institutional development of relevant regulations.


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