July 14, 2020 Reinforcement of Consultation System for Telework Security

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has been implementing a telework manager consultation project and accepting a wide range of telework consultations. In this connection, MIC has today opened a contact point, where security professionals will respond to security consultations.

1. Content of consultation

The contact point provides professional consultations on security measures related to telework.

  • *
    Consulters may be companies, groups, and local governments, including those who have already been introduced telework.

2. Consultation method

Consultations will be provided in the form of online meetings, email, and telephone calls based on the request of each consulter.

3. Consultation fee

Free of charge (the consulter will bear internet communication and telephone charges.)

4. Consultation method

Please apply using the web form (https://www.lac.co.jp/telework/security.html Open a new window).

After your application, the Secretariat (LAC Co., Ltd.*) for this project will contact you.

  • *
    MIC entrusts the operation of this project to LAC Co., Ltd. The staff of the company specializing in security will provide consultation.


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