July 17, 2020 Result of Appeal for Opinions on Draft IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures 2020 and Release of IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures 2020

The Cybersecurity Task Force, a unit organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), released a document entitled IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures 2020.

1. Overview

The Cybersecurity Task Force came into operation on January 30, 2017. In light of the increasing severity of cyberattacks using IoT devices as steppingstones, the Cybersecurity Task Force summarized issues to be solved for the comprehensive promotion of security measures related to IoT and compiled IoT Security Comprehensive Measures in October 2017. Furthermore, the Cybersecurity Task Force compiled IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures as a revised version in August 2019. With consideration of various situation changes, the Cybersecurity Task Force discussed the ideal state of cybersecurity measures for the IoT/5G era and drafted IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures 2020 with consideration of its study result. In this connection, MIC made an appeal for opinions from Saturday, June 6 through Friday, June 25, 2020.
With consideration of the submitted opinions, the Task Force reviewed the draft and completed IoT/5G Security Comprehensive Measures 2020. Accordingly, MIC has decided to open the submitted opinions to the public, along with the Task Force’s views on the opinions.

2. Method for obtaining references

Reference information will be posted on the public comment page of the e-Gov (https://www.e-gov.go.jp/en/ Open a new window).


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