July 29, 2020 Approval to Exemption from Reception Fees due to Heavy Rain in July 2020

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications today approved an application dated July 21, 2020, submitted by NHK (headed by President MAEDA Terunobu), for an exemption from reception fees due to the heavy rain in July 2020.

1. Scope of broadcast reception contracts subject to exemption

In areas where rescue operations were conducted under the Disaster Relief Act (Act No. 118 of 1947):

  • 1.
    Broadcast reception contracts for receivers installed in buildings that have been destroyed or burned half or more or flooded above floor level
  • 2.
    Broadcast reception contracts of those who have received an evacuation advisory, instruction, or order based on the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act (Act No. 223, 1958)
  • *
    Cases falling under 1. or 2. are to be treated as those falling under 2.

2. Exemption period

  • 1.
    July through December 2020 (the exemption period is extended by an extra four months)
  • 2.
    July through December 2020

For those receiving an advisory, etc. as of January 1, 2021: The exemption period be extended to the day after the cancellation month of the advisory, etc.

3. Expected number of reception fee exemptions

Approximately 17,000

4. Expected amount of reception fee exemptions

Approximately 170 million yen


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