August 7, 2020 Results of Adoption of Proposals for Kosen Wireless IoT Contest

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) had Cyber Creative Institute (hereafter referred to as “the Administrative Secretariat”) make an appeal for ideas from technical college students on how to utilize wireless IoT and fifth-generation mobile communications systems that would contribute to the promotion of the effective use of radio waves and the training and utilization of young human resources in the IoT field. As a result, the Administrative Secretariat adopted ten proposals.

1. Overview

The Administrative Secretariat made an appeal for opinions from students at 57 technical colleges nationwide on measures for utilizing wireless IoT and fifth-generation mobile communication systems that would help solve regional issues and received 56 proposals from 33 technical colleges.
As a result of reviewing 56 proposals, ten proposals have been adopted.

2. Future plans

Aiming to realize the ideas adopted this time, it is planned that the technical college students conduct technical demonstrations until around March next year with the parties concerned. MIC and the Administrative Secretariat will provide technical and operational support necessary for the demonstrations.


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