August 31, 2020 Implementation of Emergency Communications Drill and Related Emergency Drills as Part of FY2020 Comprehensive Disaster-preparedness Drills

The Central Emergency Communication Conference (chaired by TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki, Director-General of the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)), together with the regional Emergency Communication Conference in each area, will participate an emergency communications drill and related emergency drills. These drills will promote initiatives to contribute to ensuring smooth communication during emergencies.

1. Examples of major activities of the Central Emergency Communication Conference with participants

1. Emergency communications drill

Disasters disrupt commercial telecommunications lines and disables the transmission of information from the disaster-stricken areas. This drill will be conducted to ensure means of communication from disaster-stricken areas to the Japanese government or prefectural governments by making use of private communications networks owned by organizations other than telecommunications carriers.

2. Drill of transporting mobile communications equipment to disaster areas

This drill will be conducted to carry in mobile communications equipment for disaster recovery, on the assumption that a disaster disrupts the fixed communications networks of local governments and the local governments request mobile communications equipment for emergency use.

3. Exhibition of communications equipment

The Central Emergency Communication Conference will exhibit communications equipment that is useful for disaster recovery activities and support for victims.


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