September 11, 2020 Issuance of Guide (Checklists) on Telework Security

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has issued a guide (checklists) and reference to ensure the minimum security for the introduction of telework that is becoming popular among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the COVID-19.

1. Background

MIC has issued the Telework Security Guideline* for companies to dispel security concerns when implementing telework and to introduce and utilize telework with peace of mind. Telework is becoming popular even in SMEs that have not introduced telework from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the COVID-19. In addition to the Telework Security Guideline, there was an increasing need for a more practical, concrete, and easy-to-understand reference.

  • *
    First edition was issued in December 2004, followed by the second edition in April 2006, the third edition in March 2013, and the fourth edition in April 2018.

With consideration of this situation, MIC has issued the guide (checklists). This guide targets system managers in SMEs that do not have dedicated security officers (those who do not know the details of the mechanism of technical terms, but can imagine the usage scenes of the technical terms). The guide will ensure that the minimum security when implementing telework.

2. Published materials

  • Telework Security Guide for SMEs (Checklists) (First Edition)
  • Setting Reference Manuals (for Cisco Webex Meetings/Microsoft Teams/Zoom)
  • *
    The Setting Reference Manuals are supplementary materials created for specific products so that the contents of this guide (checklists) can be used as a reference when implementing telework in a specific environment.

3. Future plans

With consideration of the results of the fact-finding survey on telework security and opinions on the first edition, MIC will revise and issue the second edition of this guide (checklists) that will be easier to understand by the end of the year. Furthermore, the revised manuals will increase the number of target products.
Furthermore, based on these results, MIC will revise the Telework Security Guideline by the end of this fiscal year.

  • *
    The published materials are in Japanese only.


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