September 15, 2020 Verbal Warnings and Other Disposal regarding Unapproved Side Jobs of Certified Mail Authentication Officers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has taken disciplinary action against a number of certified mail authentication officers who had side business without approval from the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications. This disciplinary action was based on the Postal Act (Act No. 165 of 1947).


MIC announced in its press release of July 10, 2020, that it would take action separately against those who were found to have concurrently worked as fire brigade members (i.e., a total of 81 certified mail authentication officers). Lately, MIC has given verbal warnings to the certified mail authentication officers.
Furthermore, MIC has given verbal warnings to those found on and after July 10 to have had side jobs without approval (21 officers).
Furthermore, MIC recently revised the Regulations for Enforcement of Postal Act. This revision has simplified the procedure for certified mail authentication officers to work concurrently as fire brigade members (enforced on August 28, 2020) and requested Japan Post Co., Ltd. to make it known all certified mail authentication officers.


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