September 16, 2020 Nomination of Candidate Contractors for Additional Proposals (Second Time) regarding Subsidies for IoT Utilization and Application Project that Promotes Regional IoT Implementation under FY2020 Budget

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has nominated candidate contractors considering external experts’ evaluation of the candidate contractors’ proposals. MIC selected these proposals among those made in response to MIC’s additional appeal (for the second time) regarding subsidies for the ICT utilization and application project that promotes regional IoT implementation (with joint use) under the fiscal 2020 budget.

1. Project overview

MIC organized a unit named Taskforce to Promote Regional IoT Implementation in September 2016 to spread IoT utilization to every corner of Japan. The Taskforce formulated a roadmap for promoting regional IoT implementation to present a concrete path to work on the IoT in respective regions, focusing on fields close to daily life to resolving regional issues.
In this project, MIC made this additional appeal (for the second time) for proposals from July 3 through July 31, 2020, for leading local efforts to spread field-specific models created through past demonstrations and other initiatives.

Requirement A

  • G-space disaster prevention system
  • Smart agriculture, forestry, and fishery
  • Local business activation model
  • Tourism cloud

Requirement B

  • AI utilization

Requirement C

  • Way of working (telework)

2. Contents of decision

As a result of the appeal for opinions, MIC received a total of seven proposals. Of these, MIC selected the following proposals as candidates for adoption based on the evaluation results by the external evaluation committee.

Requirement B

No. Applicant Project theme
1 Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture Business Improvement Combining AI-OCR and RPA
2 Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture Automatic Response to Inquiries by AI Chatbot
3 Toki City, Gifu Prefecture Support for Minutes Creation by AI Voice Recognition Function
4 Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture Project on Introducing AI Minutes
5 Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture Project on Introducing AI-utilized Selection System for Childcare Center Admission
6 Oita City, Oita Prefecture Project on Introducing AI-utilized Selection System for Childcare Center Admission

Requirement C

No. Applicant Project theme
7 Portfolio Co., Ltd. Project on Kaizuka City-Senshu Telework Promotion


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