September 18, 2020 Result of Appeal for Opinions on Draft Partial Report on Ideal State of Interconnection System with Consideration of the Stage of Migration to IP Networks―Policy Arrangement for Starting IP Interconnection

The Telecommunications Business Policy Committee (chaired by YAMAUCHI Hirotaka, Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University) of the Information and Communications Council drafted a partial report in response to MIC’s inquiry number 1230 of April 6, 2020, on the ideal state of an interconnection system with consideration of the stage of migration to IP networks. Accordingly, the Telecommunications Business Policy Committee made an appeal for opinions from Thursday, July 23 through Wednesday, August 26, 2020, on the partial report.
As a result, the Telecommunications Business Policy Committee received nine opinions, and has decided to open the opinions to the public, along with the views on the opinions.
In the future, the Telecommunications Business Policy Committee will investigate and deliberate toward the compilation of the final report.

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