October 29, 2021 Appeal for Opinions on Draft Basic Policy on Market Verification in the Telecommunications Business Field and Draft Annual Plan for Market Validation in Telecommunications Business Field (FY2021)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has drafted a basic policy on market verification in the telecommunications business field and an annual plan for market validation in the telecommunications business field for fiscal 2021.
Accordingly, MIC will make an appeal for opinions on the drafts from Saturday, October 30 through Monday, November 29, 2021.

1. Overview

Based on advice from MIC’s Meeting for Telecommunications Market, MIC drafted the basic policy, which describes the basic concept of the market validation and the overall image of the validation process to conduct market verification appropriately. The basic concept integrates the analysis and verification of market trends in the telecommunications business field and the confirmation of the appropriateness of the business operations of telecommunications carriers.
In addition, MIC drafted the annual plan, which describes the implementation policy for analyzing and verifying the market for fiscal 2021. Therefore, MIC has decided to make this appeal for opinions on these drafts.

2. Appeal for opinions

1. Targets of appeal for opinions: Draft basic policy and Draft Annual plan

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    The published material is in Japanese only.

2. Deadline for submitting opinions: Monday, November 29, 2021

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    Opinions submitted by postal mail must also arrive no later than the deadline date.

3. Future plans

MIC will finalize and announce the contents of the basic policy and annual plan considering the results of the appeal for opinions and conduct market verification for fiscal 2021 based on the contents.


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