February 5, 2021 Public Appeal for Proposals for WiCON2021

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will make a public appeal for proposals to be selected for the KOSEN Wireless IoT CONtest (WiCON2021).

1. Overview

WiCON2021 is based on the technical capabilities and original ideas from technical colleges producing advanced engineers while being close to the community. It aims to solve local issues and create new services by employing technologies, including those specified below.

  • 1.
    Fifth-generation mobile communication system (5G)
  • 2.
    Wireless IoT

Accordingly, the Administrative Secretariat of WiCON2021 will make a public appeal for proposals for the contest of technical college demonstrations of wireless IoT technology.

2. Period of public appeal

From Friday, April 2 through Monday, May 10, 2021

3. Public appeal for proposals

MIC has decided to make a public appeal for proposals for WiCON2021 from the students at technical colleges. The purpose of this press release is to inform the public before the public appeal to secure a sufficient period for considering the proposals.


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