February 5, 2021 Voice Communications Usage in Japan Seen from Volume of Communications Traffic

State of usage in FY2019

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) summarized data on the volume of communications traffic for fiscal 2019 reported from telecommunications carriers under the Rules for Reporting on Telecommunications Business (Ministerial Ordinance of MPT No. 46 of 1988) and has decided to open the data to the public.

1. Purpose

This set of statistics is used to grasp the usage trends of telecommunications services, which are indispensable for people’s lives and socio-economic activities, based on objective and reliable data. Furthermore, by disclosing the data, MIC aims to deepen the understanding of telecommunications services.

2. Content

MIC established the Rules for Reporting on Telecommunications Business and has been requesting the reporting of communication volume data related to voice services from telecommunications carriers.
Recently, MIC has compiled voice communications data for fiscal 2019 and decided to open it to the public.

3. Material to be opened to the public

The published material is in Japanese only.


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