February 26, 2021 Permission for Special Mail Business Licenses, Approval for Settings in Correspondence Mail Agreements and Correspondence Mail Management Regulations, Etc.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) submitted an inquiry to the Information and Communications Administration and Postal System Administration Council (chaired by TAGAYA Kazuteru, Professor Emeritus at Chiba University) concerning permission for 12 applicants for special mail business licenses and approval for them for settings in correspondence mail management regulations. This inquiry includes approval for one for setting in correspondence mail agreement, approval for another for changes in its business plan and correspondence mail management regulation, and approval for the other for changes in its correspondence mail agreement and correspondence mail management regulation. As a result, MIC received the report from the Council stating its approval as inquired.
In response to the report, MIC will arrange to grant permission and approval stated above to these applicants today.

With the permission for the 12 applicants, the number of special mail business licensees reached 567. Special mail businesses are positioned as businesses that provide various services by responding to the needs of sophisticated and diversifying users and making creative efforts. It is expected that these business operators entering the mail service industry will increase users’ selection range of services.


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