July 6, 2021 Public Appeal for Proposals concerning FY2021 Information and Communications Technology R & D

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) will make a public appeal for proposals from Tuesday, July 6 through Friday, August 6, 2021, for the research and development (R & D) theme, as specified below.

1. Period of public appeal

From Tuesday, July 6 to 1:00 pm on Friday, August 6, 2021

2. R & D themes and planned budget

MIC has decided to make a public appeal for proposal for the R & D themes with the budget for fiscal 2021, as specified below.

R & D theme Fiscal Year 2021
Scheduled amount (tax included)
Exploration of water energy resources over a wide area on the moon using terahertz waves 220 million yen
  • *
    The exploration of water energy resources over a wide area on the moon using terahertz waves is a theme of R & D selected by the Cabinet Office’s Strategic Program for Accelerating Research, Development and Utilization of Space Technology and conducted by MIC.

3. Method of application

  • 1.
    Please prepare a written proposal in accordance with the guidelines for preparing written proposals.
    • *
      The published material is in Japanese only.
  • 2.
    Please make an on-line application by entering application information through the Cross-ministerial R & D Management System (called e-Rad for short) (https://www.e-rad.go.jp/en/). Please complete all operations for application on e-Rad by 1:00 pm on Friday, August 6, 2021.

4. Selection of contractor candidates and future schedule

MIC will select a candidate contractor according to the results of external evaluation. The schedule may be changed depending on the status of the external evaluation.
MIC will make a re-appeal for proposals if no proposals that meet the conditions are submitted.

Early in September through mid-September: External evaluation and selection of contractor candidate
September through October: Sending acceptance/rejection notices and publishing the results of the public appeal*
After notification of acceptance: As soon as the coordination with the R & D organization is completed, a contract will be concluded promptly, and R & D will be implemented.
  • *
    The name of the adopted research and development institution and the investigator in charge will be announced.


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