July 16, 2021 Public Appeal for Proposals for Beyond 5G R & D Promotion Project

1. Purpose of project

NICT will conduct open-call research and development with private companies and universities on the elemental technologies necessary to realize Beyond 5G, the next-generation information and communication technology expected to become the foundation of all industries and societies in the 2030s. Then, NICT aims to strengthen Japan’s international competitiveness by establishing elemental technologies and reflecting them in international standards.

2. Content of public appeal (as of July 16,2021)

NICT will conduct a public appeal for research implementers for the Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Project as follows:

1. Subject of public appeal

Beyond 5G Function Realization Program (Key Issue)

  • R&D of hybrid radio-optical communications technology for beyond 5G next-generation compact-satellite constellations

2. Period of public appeal

From Friday, July 16 through noon of Monday, August 16, 2021


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