July 19, 2021 Decision on Granting Subsidy for Project of Regional Cable TV Network Development

Concerning the project of regional cable TV network development based on FY2021 initial budgets, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has selected subsidy recipients considering the results of evaluation made by external experts.

1. Project overview

This project subsidizes a part of the maintenance costs of broadcasting and communications networks, including the upgrading of cable TV networks to double line networks, which are essential regional means of information transmission in disasters, for disaster prevention that avoids information interruption due to the disconnection of the broadcasting and communication networks.

2. Subsidy recipient

MIC has selected the three subsidy recipients with consideration of the results of evaluation made by external experts.

Prefecture Applicant name
Gunma Ueno Village
Nagano Nagano City
Kouchi Yusuhara Town


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