July 20, 2021 Decision on Adopted Entities in Response to Second Public Appeal for Project on Promoting Digital Utilization Support under FY2020 Supplementary Budget

A number of participating organizations were adopted as a result of the second public appeal through the Japan Data Communications Association (hereafter referred to as the “executive organization”) for participants in the project on promoting digital utilization support under a fiscal 2020 supplementary budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).

1. Project overview

The project on promoting digital utilization support aims to reduce disparities in opportunities or required abilities related to digital utilization among older people. For this purpose, the project grants subsidies to entities, such as private businesses, which will provide online administrative procedures, advice, and consultation on using services to older people who do not have sufficient understanding and skills regarding digital utilization.
MIC made the first public appeal related to this project through the executive organization from Friday, April 23 through Friday, May 14, 2021, and adopted 25 entities (four entities for the nationwide development type and 21 for the regional collaboration type). Furthermore, the second public appeal for this project was made from Tuesday, June 1 through Friday, June 18, 2021.

2. Result of adoption

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3. Future plans

The fiscal 2020 supplementary budget for the project on promoting digital utilization support has been reached through the first and second public appeals. Therefore, there will be no third appeal for applications for this project.


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