July 28, 2021 Nomination of Adoption Candidates for Subsidies on Support Projects to Promote Utilization of Information and Communications (within the Project on Development Promotion of Regional Satellite Offices) under FY2021 Budget (Secondary Appeal)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has decided on the candidates for adoption from among the proposals (in response to the secondary appeal) for subsidies on support projects to promote the utilization of information and communications (within the project on the development promotion of regional satellite offices). These subsidies aim to promote socio-environmental development to let people enjoy new working environments regardless of regional differences.

1. Project overview

The project aims to promote socio-environmental development to enable people to enjoy teleworking environments regardless of regional differences by supporting satellite offices that provide places for telework. MIC will subsidize the costs of developing satellite offices that will function for others while ensuring a certain security level and taking measures against the novel coronavirus infectious disease.

2. Contents of decision

As a result of the public appeal for proposals, MIC received two proposals and selected them as candidates for adoption.

No. Applicant Project name
1 Kanko Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. Komagane Satellite Office Development Promotion Project
2 Chitose International Multipurpose Business Exchange Center Co., Ltd. Satellite Office Development Project in the Airport Suburbs

3. Future schedule(*)

  • In and after August 2021: Grant application, grant decision, and implementation of the subsidized projects (tentatively planned)
  • From February through March 2022: Submission of performance reports and decision on subsidy amounts
  • *
    The above schedule is subject to change due to various circumstances.


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