August 4, 2021 Decision on Granting FY2021 Subsidy for Project to Support Radio System Dissemination (Covering Radio Wave Shielding Measures Targeting Medical Facilities)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to grant a subsidy to the Japan Mobile Communications Infrastructure Association (a public interest incorporated association). This subsidy will cover its project on radio wave shielding measures against mobile phone signals targeting medical facilities within the scope of projects to support radio system dissemination.

1. Subsidy recipient

Japan Mobile Communications Infrastructure Association (a public interest incorporated association)

2. Project outline

Target facilities Total project expense
(×1,000 yen)
Subsidy amount
(×1,000 yen)
Service provider
Kurume University Hospital 169,102 56,367 NTT Docomo, Inc.
KDDI Corporation
SoftBank Corp.
Kurihara City Kurihara Central Hospital 52,563 17,854

1. Overview of the project to support radio system dissemination (Covering radio wave shielding measures)

The government subsidizes part of the installation costs of mobile communications relay facilities in places where radio waves are shielded, including the areas of road tunnels, railway tunnels, and medical facilities(*), for organizations, such as general incorporated associations.

  • 1.
    Business entities: Organizations, such as general incorporated associations
  • 2.
    Target areas: Road tunnels, railway tunnels, and medical facilities
  • 3.
    Targets of subsidies: Mobile communications relay facilities (including towers, office buildings, antennas, and optical cables)
  • 4.
    Subsidy rate: 1/2 for road tunnels and 1/3 for railway tunnels and medical facilities
  • (*)
    The target medical facilities are core disaster base hospitals and regional disaster base hospitals, provided that each of these core disaster base hospitals has 300 beds or more, and its secondary medical area covered is a local city or a depopulated area.


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