August 20, 2021 Administrative Guidance to BIGLOBE Inc. regarding Proper Handling of Billing for Telecommunications Services

Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has instructed BIGLOBE Inc. (headed by ARIIZUMI Takeshi, President) to ensure the proper administrative processing of billing work on telecommunications services.

BIGLOBE Inc. (hereafter referred to as “BIGLOBE”) provides BIGLOBE Hikari Denwa as an optional BIGLOBE Hikari service. In the billing process for the service, it was discovered that users who rented a one-gigabit wireless LAN router were incorrectly billed for the use of a Hikari Denwa compatible device that was not necessary for use.

Accordingly, MIC has issued a strict warning today to BIGLOBE regarding the occurrence of this erroneous billing and requested that the following items be implemented and that a report be submitted on the status of implementation.

  • 1.
    Implementation of recurrence prevention measures
  • 2.
    Implementation of appropriate measures for users who have been billed erroneously


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