August 25, 2021 Conference toward AI Network Society―Release of AI Economic Review Committee Report 2021

The Institute for Information and Communications Policy (IICP) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) established the AI Economic Review Committee (chaired by IWATA Kazumasa, President of Japan Center for Economic Research) under the Conference toward AI Network Society (chaired by SUDO Osamu, Professor at Faculty of Global Informatics, Chuo University, Director of ELSI Center, Chuo University, and Project Professor at Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo) in January 2019 and has been studying AI and data from an economic point of view since then.
The AI Economic Review Committee recently issued a report entitled “AI Economic Review Committee―Report 2021,” and MIC has decided to open it to the public accordingly.

1. Background

MIC’s IICP has been holding the Conference toward AI Network Society with the participation of multi-stakeholders since October 2016 to comprehensively examine social, economic, ethical, and legal issues related to AI networking. Since January 2019, the AI Economic Review Committee (hereafter the “Committee”) has been held under the Conference toward AI Network Society to study what kind of social economy we should aim for by promoting the social implementation of AI.
The Committee compiled “AI Economic Review Committee’s Report” (May 2019) and “AI Economic Review Committee―Report 2020” (July 2020). Since December 2020, the Committee has conducted an empirical analysis of the economic value of data based on a questionnaire survey on companies and studies on COVID-19 and digitalization.
Based on these studies, “AI Economic Review Committee―Report 2021” has been compiled and available.

2. Main contents of the report

  • 1.
    Domestic and international trends in data
  • 2.
    Study on the economic value of data (survey on data value measurement and analysis of data value and effects)
  • 3.
    COVID-19 and digitalization
  • 4.
    The future of the data economy pioneered by AI (focusing on the discussions at the AI Network Society Forum, an international symposium)

3. Published material

  • *
    The published material is in Japanese only.


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