April 1, 2022 FY2022 Request for Implementation of International Broadcasting and Response from NHK

Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has requested Japan Broadcasting Corporation (also called NHK, headed by President MAEDA Terunobu) to implement FY2022 international broadcasting.
NHK has today responded by return that it would accept the request.

  • 1.

    Under the provisions of Article 65, Paragraph 1 of the Broadcasting Act (Act No. 132 of 1950), the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications may stipulate the broadcasting district, broadcasting content, and other important matters, and request NHK to provide international broadcasting or international satellite broadcasting.

  • 2.

    MIC consulted the Radio Regulatory Council on March 7, 2022, regarding the request for the implementation of international broadcasting for FY2022 and received a report on the same day stating that it would be appropriate to request NHK, subject to approval from the Diet for the necessary budget.
    Accordingly, MIC notified NHK in advance about the content of the request on the same day.

  • 3.

    The necessary budget was approved by the Diet on March 22. Therefore, MIC today requested NHK to conduct international broadcasting for FY2022.
    NHK has today responded by return that it would accept the request.


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