February 22, 2023 Result of Solicitation of Opinions on Draft Partial Amendment of a Notice Related to Designation of Specified Telecommunications Facilities Based on the Telecommunications Business Act, along with the publication of the Revised Notice

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) solicited opinions on a draft partial amendment of a notice related to the designation of specified telecommunications facilities based on the Telecommunications Business Act (Act No. 86 of 1984) from December 8, 2022 through January 11, 2023, and received no response.

1. Overview

Under the Telecommunications Business Act, if a licensee or a licensed group company of a category I or II designated facility merges with another licensee of a specified telecommunications facility, the renewal of the telecommunications business registration is required, pursuant to Article 12-2, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Act, in order to promote fair competition.

2. Result of solicitation of opinions

MIC solicited opinions on the amendment of that notice from December 8, 2022 through January 11, 2023, and received no response.

3. Promulgation and entry into force of the notice

That notice was promulgated and came into effect today.

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