Visitors to Hokkaido

Is your device up to standard?

Please use radio devices that bear the technical standards compliance mark when in Japan.

Using or possessing operational radio devices that do not have this mark is a violation of the Radio Act!

technical standards compliance mark

If you bring radio equipment into Japan, make sure it conforms to Japanese law. For example, radio equipment for the Family Radio Service (FRS) and the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) – the U.S. standards –, Australian UHF CB and New Zealand standard PRS cannot be used in Japan because they may interfere with important radio communications such as public service related to disaster prevention and broadcasting.

Foreign-standard wireless devices cannot be used in Japan.

Exercise caution when using a transceiver purchased in your home country. Using a transceiver without the technical standards compliance mark means that you are operating an unlicensed radio station in violation of the Radio Act.

As such, an unlicensed radio station may adversely affect critical radio communications of airline, fire fighting,emergency service,broadcasts and so on by disrupting or interfering with their transmissions.

Illegal radio waves interfere with important communications such as these.

1.Fire and emergency radio

Human life and property can be seriously affected if the emergency radio communications used by fire engines, ambulances, and so on are interfered with by illegal radio waves.

2.Train radio

Illegal radio waves interfering with train radio communications can hinder safe train operations and even threaten the lives of passengers.

3.Smartphones and cell phones

Radio interference at cell phone base stations can prevent important phone calls and messages from getting through, affecting social and economic activities.

4. Television and radio

Interference with television and radio reception can have a serious effect on the lives of citizens by preventing disaster information and evacuation warnings from getting through during times of emergency, for example.