Resident Record

A “Copy of the Resident Record” can be used as documentation officially certifying your address or other particulars.

Recorded Matters Unique to Foreign Residents

The Resident Record for foreign residents, just as for Japanese nationals, show in addition to the name, date of birth, sex, address, and other matters, listings related to the insured for the National Health Insurance and the National Pension Plan.

In addition, special matters for foreign residents include nationality, etc. and which category the person whom the Resident Record is created for falls under.

(1) Medium to Long Term Resident

  • The words "Midium to long term resident"
  • Type of status of residence, period of stay, expiration date and registration number noted on the Residence ("Zairyu") Card

(2) Special Permanent Resident

  • The words "Special permanent resident"
  • Number noted on the Special Permanent Resident Certificate

(3) Person granted landing permission for temporary refuge or person granted permission for provisional stay

  • The words "Person granted landing permission for temporary refuge or Person granted permission for provisional stay"
  • Period of stay noted on the certificate of permission for temporary refuge or provisional stay

(4) Person who is to stay in Japan through birth or who has renounced Japanese nationality

  • The words "Person who is to stay in Japan through birth or Person who has renounced Japanese nationality"

List of Matters Recorded in Resident Records for Foreign Nationals

  1. Name(If a nickname (appellation) is listed in the Resident Record, the name and nickname (appellation))
  2. Date of birth
  3. Sex
  4. (If the householder) That the person is the householder
    (If not the householder) The name of the householder and the relationship to the householder
  5. Address (and the date that address was changed if the person has moved within the same municipality)
  6. Date that notification was submitted to determine address and prior address
  7. Items related to the insured’s National Health Insurance status
  8. Items related to the insured’s Medical Care System for the Elderly in the Latter Stage of Life status
  9. Items related to the insured’s Public Nursing Care Insurance status
  10. Items related to the insured’s National Pension Plan status
  11. Items related to the status of individuals receiving child allowance
  12. Items related to the distribution of rice
  13. Resident Record code
  14. Other items stipulated by cabinet order
  15. Nationality / region
  16. Date that individual became a foreign resident
  17. Indication for individuals designated as medium to long-term residents
  18. Status of residence, period of stay, date of expiration of period of stay, number of Residence Card, etc. listed in the Residence Card
  19. Items related to the listing or deletion of a nickname (appellation)

Issuing a Copy of the Resident Record

Those who are listed in the Basic Resident Registration can request that the mayor of the municipality issue a “Copy of the Resident Record” for the person concerned or someone in their household.

Check with the municipality where you live for details on the procedures for requesting a Copy of the Resident Record.

*Addresses before July 9, 2012, are not listed on the Resident Record.

*The Alien Registration Records previously stored by  municipalities are now stored by the Ministry of Justice as of July 9, 2012.

Information on Disclosure Requests for Alien Registration Records (link to the Ministry of Justice website)open link in new window

*Victims of domestic violence from their spouse, stalking, child abuse, or other similar acts can restrict who can request copies of their Basic Resident Registration by submitting an application. Refer here for detailsPDF.